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Assembly Department
There are three assembly workshops, two 1.2m*25m finished product assembly lines, two 0.8m*15m dust-free workshop assembly lines, and one fully automatic SMT production line.
Injection Department
A total of 17 injection molding machines with specifications ranging from 30 tons to 1,250 tons are equipped with manipulators.
Tooling Department
17 years of experience in mold design and processing, complete set of mold processing and testing equipment.
Can independently complete the design and processing of the whole set of molds.
Stamping Department
a production technique for product parts that are directly deformed in the mold by means of a routine or dedicated stamping device.We have 12.
CNC machining department
It has a brand-new high-speed CNC machining center, spark machine, and wire cutting machine, which can meet the needs of high-precision parts processing.
Processing Department
It has multiple machine tools such as precision large water mill, high precision surface grinder, lathe, milling machine, drilling machine, etc., to ensure the integrity of the whole set of processing
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